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solar inverters

50kw solar photovoltaic system on Cotswold Estate

Running out of time — the tariff for PV halves in August

The photovoltaic tariff halves in August, so you haven’t got much time to get it sorted. The price of panels has better than halved in the past twelve months, which might make them more attractive and affordable than prices you may have been quoted in the past. We offer the complete service — we fit the panels, the inverters, make the grid connection and we will even help you with your registration. If the shed roof needs strengthening to take the panels we can even do that as part of the package.

The system pictured above and below has just gone live last week, producing 50KWs of power. And thankfully the panels work whatever the weather, so you still earn money, no matter how lousy the summer gets.

solar inverters

Solar inverters slotted nicely into the generator shed