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Yes, although we are named Commercial Biomass Ltd, we have the MCS accreditation to install Air Source, Ground Source and Open Source heat pumps. Sometimes a biomass boiler isn't the best choice for a location, due to size constraints, access problems and other issues.

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme offers a one off £5,000 grant to anyone upgrading from a fossil fuel appliance to a renewable one. This only applies to biomass if your in a rural area as defined on the ONS lookup tool when you type in your post code and press the button. You're also not allowed the BUS grant for biomass if you're on the gas grid, or the house has ever been connected to the gas grid. It is always available for heat pumps, and on ground source heat pumps the grant goes up to £6,000

Used biomass boilers with RHI tariff left on them

We are always being offered used biomass boilers with RHI tariffs left on them. Sometimes the boiler itself is no good, but you can change the boiler and keep the tariff, so we quite often have old log boilers or poor quality pellet boilers offered to us to sell on the owner’s behalf. The price reflects the usefulness of the boiler and the remaining tariff. Many go for the price of one year’s RHI return if the boiler is no good, better boilers will be more because of the residual value of the boiler itself. Please take a look at our Offers page for boilers that are currently available. Some pay for themselves in as little as two years.

The current situation with biomass

We are in a period where biomass chip is still at a stable price, depending on whether you make your own chip or buy it from a supplier, the cost can be from free to 8p/kW, depending upon the haulage costs. Similarly, log prices have remained stable. Pellet is still higher than its ever been, at anything up to 12p/kW. It’s blamed on the conflict in Ukraine. Hopefully this will rationalise shortly and come down. Some boilers can be converted to run on chip and we have been asked by several clients to make the conversion for them.

Biomass Boiler Specialists

Commercial Biomass Ltd is one of the UK’s leading renewable heating specialists and biomass boiler installers. With well over 300 boiler installations to our name, and over 30 years of commercial heating experience, Commercial Biomass helps customers in Somerset, Dorset, Devon and beyond make the right renewable energy choice for their home or business.

Our skilled workforce are from the construction and mechanical services industries, with eco-credentials second to none. In other words, we can help with every aspect of your renewable energy heating, from supply and installation through to reliable servicing and repairs.

We are ETA and Gilles Certified partners, and the only installer throughout Somerset and Devon to be certified with both manufacturers. In addition, we are Sokratherm-trained to install and maintain high efficiency Natural Gas powered CHP units.

In addition to commercial biomass boiler supply and installation, we act as a one-stop-shop for our domestic biomass boiler customers to use renewable energy to heat their home. 

A biomass boiler allows businesses, commercial premises (including factories, golf clubs, warehouses and schools) and domestic customers make savings of up to 80% on their energy costs.

Zero emission wood chip boiler

Windhager biomass boilers

We now supply, install and maintain zero emission wood chip biomass boilers manufactured by Windhager. The PuroWIN is the cleanest wood chip boiler in the world, with virtually undetectable emissions. This is due to a very well thought-out design. The word ‘innovative’ is too often used to describe the mundane and the ordinary by advertising executives searching for a superlative, without actually considering the meaning of the word. Windhager have developed a combustion chamber unlike any we have seen in conventional biomass boilers… read more

Wood is cleaner in terms of carbon output than any other commonly used fuel. Source: Oftec

Want to do your bit to avert climate change? Switch to wood fuelled heat. Good quality biomass boilers are clean burning and output far less carbon dioxide than any other commonly used heating appliances. Electrostatic precipitation and clever burning techniques keep air quality pristine. Low in particulate matter, low in carbon dioxide emissions, low in NOX emissions. Biomass is clean and green.

Think you’re saving the planet with a heat pump? Look at the facts — assuming you’re in an old house trying to make an air source heat pump perform with oversized radiators, your CoP is likely to be around 3:1 at best, meaning that for every 3kWh of heat you get, you use 1kWh of electricity and the other 2kWh comes from the warmth of the air outside. One third of 0.519 is 0.173, which is nine times worse than burning logs, four times worse than pellets and nearly eleven times worse than burning wood chip. Why is the government pushing heat pumps when we don’t have the cable infrastructure to run them all and the majority of the electrical grid is still on fossil fuels and up to 70% of the power produced is lost in transmission? It makes no sense. The replacement for the failed Green Homes Grant scheme funds heat pumps to the tune of £5,000 per household. It has been announced that biomass boilers will be included in the new scheme, after having been excluded in earlier rounds of proposals. Even now, homes will only be eligible for biomass grants if they are off gas grid with a rural/urban indicator of D or lower.

High Efficiency Commercial Gas Boilers

Commercial Biomass Ltd is Gas Safe registered (registration number 51456), and the low registration number tells you how long that registration has stood for – from back in the day when Corgi used to administer the register!
We can supply and install commercial and domestic high efficiency gas boilers from Vaillant and other manufacturers.

Commercial Gas Boilers


Commercial Biomass is trained and certified by Sokratherm GMBh for the installation of high efficiency natural gas fired Combined Heat & Power systems.

gas fired Combined Heat & Power systems

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Key Benefits of Switching to a Biomass Boiler

  • Cost Effective – cut fuel costs by up to 80%
  • Biomass Boilers use Renewable Fuel
  • Biomass is Eligible for Government Funding (RHI)
  • User Friendly
  • Biomass is Efficient Heating
  • Reduce your emissions by 90% with Biomass