Finance Your Boiler

We can offer a range of finance deals to help you fund your biomass boiler installation.


Your own bank should always be your first port of call. They all have massive amounts of money set aside to fund renewable projects. This is partly because being green and supporting green industries is trendy at the moment, I’m sure, but also for the reason that the income you get from the BUS grant gives you another incentive — a nice steady predictable and reliable one.

We have installed dozens upon dozens of biomass systems on a variety of business premises. Many of these have used our services to install solar photo voltaic panels as well. Often the income from the panels combined with that from the boilers produces an income equal to or greater than that of the primary business. Add to this the savings achieved by using your own electricity instead of paying for it, and those achieved by heating with a cheaper off-grid fuel, and it makes pretty much any business look attractive to a financier.

Other financiers

Finally, Banks tend to offer the lowest interest rates, but often charge hefty arrangement fees.

We work closely with our local Lombard representative and have a good working relationship with her. She knows us and our products and is happy to offer finance on them. Rural Finance is another company we have had good experiences with in the past. Our contact there has been very helpful in getting good deals for several of our clients. We receive no commission from Lombard or Rural Finance. All we do is make the introduction and leave you to work out the finer details between yourselves.

Therefore, if you would like further details from us, please either fill in the contact page, or call us on 01935 476927. Finance Your Biomass boiler, today!