Windhager BioWIN 2 customer, Stanton Drew

Thanks for installing our boiler. I quite enjoyed it!

ETA Hack customer, Haydn, South Wales

Your lads are the only ones to get them (the boilers) to working properly. Yes, you can use that on your website as a true verification with pleasure.

Extraflame Melinda Idro, Shaftesbury

Thank you very much for helping us get our boiler sorted. Also wanted to say that Louis was very polite and helpful. 

New customer whose installer ceased trading, Wiltshire

Thank you to you and your staff for the various discussions re taking over maintenance of the system. I have been impressed with the knowledge that you share and with your engaging manner.

Indoor pool heated by PC32 and house by Pek50, Downderry:

We will take the opportunity of a bit of down time to give it [the pool boiler] a service, seeing as it politely emailed me to ask for one the other day. Very pleased with the ETA boilers

Hack90 install + log kiln, Surrey:

The main reason for writing this email to you is to let you know how impressed i was with the lads you sent up to install the kiln.

Their attitude, approach, workmanship and workrate was all excellent. Andy, Phil and Wayne would always take time to answer questions i had, and explain how things work and why. They had to do this quite a lot, but never did i feel like i was getting on their nerves (even though i possibly was!).

Luigi was the main reason i placed the order in the first place. He’s a good salesman, i generally hate all salesmen but i warmed to him immediately. He seems like a nice genuine bloke. He always returned my calls and always had time to talk to me in detail about the proposal and other things associated with that.

Luigi and the installation lads were possibly a little bit out of their comfort zone with this project. They were not used to having no mains water or electric and i’m sure that posed some significant problems. The problems we did encounter were overcome and solved by their positive approach and professionalism.

Commercial Biomass`s customer service is good with prompt replies to any questions I have about the four boilers. The fitters were always very courteous when on farm. The initial installation was done to a very high standard with the boiler sheds integrating into my existing poultry sheds very well. The ETA boilers are very reliable and the pumps and all the pipework have been installed to the highest quality standards.

On a 120k investment we are looking to recoup 20k per annum. Once the initial set up is done for submitting meter readings this process is relatively straight forward. To get us up and running Pete Downes was more than helpful, and has been so with ongoing service.

Our 199 kw boiler heats 2 large 6 bedrooms houses with indoor pools and hot tubs, and with index linked RHI payable over the next 20 years and the loss of our oil bill we are more than happy with our investment.

We were delighted with the service we got from Commercial Biomass we were up and running in no time and the engineers were efficient and communicative.

We chose ‘Commercial Biomass Partnership’ after comparing some of their previous installations with other companies within the local area. It quickly became apparent that ‘Commercial Biomass Partnership’ are the number one choice in biomass installers. Through meticulous, well thought out planning, the biomass units were installed with minimal fuss and no obstruction to kit within our pre-existing poultry units. The installers who fitted our system are a professional outfit who take great care with every last little detail.

The Austrian engineering is real quality, the machinery itself is hi-tech and reliable. Burning wood pellet at only 10 percent moisture has been a great benefit.

Hack90 fault solved. Original installer no longer trading:

Superstars! Thanks again. Terrific service.

Burnit Boiler service and fault finding:

I just wanted to say what a good job your service engineer did on my
boiler last week.

Many thanks.

Servicing customer whose installer ceased trading, Gloucestershire

What a delightful surprise to see Jason this afternoon… such service is impressive! So once again Ros and I thank you and Jason for looking after us and keeping us warm.

Factory maintenance coordinator, Chard

Thanks for sorting out Boiler 1 the other day. Thanks for your good service over the winter, much appreciated.

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