Gas Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

We can supply, install and maintain Sokratherm gas Combined Heat and Power systems. Typical payback on the installation is just two years and, whilst not viewed as a renewable technology, with more and more AD plants coming on line in the UK, adding renewable gas to the grid, and the efficiency of its electricity production, it’s the next best thing.

Gas CHP from Sokratherm

With a robust MAN engine at its heart, the Sokratherm gas Combined Heat and Power systems are capable of running for over 8,000 full load hours, year in, year out, with a programme of planned maintenance and remote management to ensure maximum reliability and efficiency.

The CHP units can be converted to run on LPG by employing exhaust gas recirculation to reduce its explosive potential and reduce/eliminate piston bounce.

Gas Combined Heat and Power

Gas Combined Heat and Power Units Key Features

The compact CHP units of the 100 kW class have the core characteristics of all SOKRATHERM cogeneration units:

  • Compact design and construction for cost-efficient installation in narrow rooms
  • Minimal installation cost with ready-to-connect CHP unit featuring integrated switchgear cabinet
  • Excellent efficiency by making best use of the energy contained in the fuel gas
  • Protection of the environment by operating the gas engine in the range with lowest emissions
  • Lowest sound emissions due to excellent sound isolation and vibration decoupling
  • Near 100% up time due to fully automatic operation with internet based remote monitoring and control
  • High reliability and therefore low operation and maintenance cost

Combined heat and power suits users with a year-round requirement for both heat and power.


Case studies

University – 2 x GG 140

Brewery – GG 198 D

Hotel – GG 50 & GG 70

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