ETA Commercial Biomass Boilers

Commercial Biomass Ltd is a registered and certified installer of ETA biomass boilers. ETA are the UK’s best selling biomass boilers, with a thirty percent market share. They set the standard for safe and reliable fuel conveying systems, efficiency and innovation. The Hack range can burn either wood pellets, chipped wood, or even miscanthus, a type of elephant grass (miscanthus burning is not eligible for RHI due to emissions).

All ETA boilers operate by burning wood inside a highly-efficient lambda controlled combustion chamber to provide heating and hot water to homes and businesses of all sizes.

A wide range of outputs
ETA wood burning boilers range in output from the little PU pellet boiler at 7kw to a 500kw Hack boiler, capable of running on chip or pellet. A 7kw boiler would suit a small house and a 500kw boiler would provide enough heat for a large factory building.

The ETA Hack Range

The Hack Range by ETA is the wood chip boiler for agriculture and businesses. The boilers are ideal where heating needs to be economical, environmentally-friendly and automatic. The range is popular in agricultural, industry and commerce businesses, as well as for local heating networks, such as holiday lets.

ETA eHack biomass boiler
ETA Hack 200 Biomass Boiler

eHack 20 to 130 kW output

Available with an optional electrostatic precipitator, ETA have brought the eHack up to date with new styling and even better features.

ETA have updated their Hackgut (wood chip) Hack boiler range with the eHack’s modern styling. The makeover isn’t just skin deep, either — the boilers now include the return riser set. This used to be supplied separately as an optional extra (though necessary in all installations).

You can opt to stay ahead of emissions legislation with the optional electrostatic precipitator. The addition of an electrode in the flue ways energises the dust particles in the flue gas, causing them to fall out of suspension. This results in a reduction of dust particles in the flue emissions of between 80 an 85%.

The eHack features and A+ energy rating with a burning efficiency of up to 94.6%

Download brochure: ETA eHack 20 to 130 kW

ETA Hack Boiler 130 & 200 kW

Our best selling ETA biomass boiler is still the Hack 200. Commercial Biomass Ltd has fitted more Hack 200s than any other installation company in the whole of Europe, so we know these boilers inside out! The 130 is a smaller version of the 200, with a single ash box and reduced dimensions.

  • 130kW or 200kW
  • Fuel type: wood chip or wood pellet
  • Patented rotary valve fuel feed system
  • Automated ignition and de-ashing
  • Modular fuel feed system
  • Complete heating controls with remote access via internet and built in touch screen

Suitable for: Medium-Large apartment blocks, agricultural buildings, nursing homes, commercial/industrial buildings and district heating systems.

The Hack 130 and 200 has now been updated to the eHack. As soon as we have new images and details we will update the page. The updated design will include new features, such as a fully rotating cast steel grate, integrated return riser set and an optional electrostatic precipitator, as well as updated styling.

Download brochure: The ETA Hack 130 to 205 kW

ETA Hack VR Biomass Boiler 250-500 kW

Currently the largest boiler in the range. These biomass boilers can be fitted singly, or cascaded together to come in just under the 1MW RHI band. 3 x 333 kW = 999 kW or 2 x 499 = 998 kW, for instance. Higher outputs are possible by cascading more boilers together.

The benefit of cascading boilers The advantage of cascading boilers, rather than having one large boiler, is that the output can be modulated from 30% of the smallest boiler to the full output of all the boilers, with each boiler sharing its part of the load equally. Also, if one boiler should suffer a breakdown there is still heat available from the remaining boilers until the repair can be made.

The VR Range
The VR in the title refers to the stepped grate combustion chamber, which can cope with higher moisture content, as the incoming fuel is warmed by the intense heat within the combustion chamber before it reaches the burning front. This is where the combination of primary and secondary air, controlled by readings from the lambda probe, causes the wood to burn. The stepped grate then pushes the burning wood through the rest of the combustion chamber until it reaches the ash pit at the end when fully burned.

Hack stats

  • Available in 250, 333, 350kW and 500kW
  • Fuel type: wood chip or wood pellet
  • Patented rotary valve fuel feed system
  • Automated ignition and de-ashing
  • Modular fuel feed system
  • Complete heating controls with remote access via internet and built in touch screen

Suitable for: Large apartment blocks, large commercial buildings, large district heating systems

Hack VR 250, 333 and 500 brochure

ETA ePE-K biomass boiler for pellets

ETA ePE-K and PC Biomass Boilers

ETA has updated its popular PE-K commercial biomass pellet boiler with a slick new casing and integrated return riser set. The ePE-K now spans the range of output from 100 to 130 kW and the smaller PE-Ks have now been replaced with larger PC (Pellet Compact) units. This ranges from 20 kW size up to 105 kW output.
Same great controls
Still featuring the ability to control two heating zones and hot water as standard, expandable to almost limitless zones, each with weather compensation. Meineta access free of charge, allowing you to connect with your boiler from a computer or smart phone from anywhere.
Seven inch touchscreen control interface on the boiler, with the option of multiple external touch panels.

Cross section through the new ETA ePE-K biomass boiler
Cross section through the new ETA ePE-K biomass boiler

New revolving grate
The new segmented cast steel grate rotates a full 360 degrees. This ensures it is fully clear at every de-ashing cycle.

Optional electrostatic precipitator
The electrostatic precipitator can be fitted as an optional extra. This achieves flue gas cleanliness far in excess of the current emissions standards. The precipitator reduces dust particles in the flue gas by between 80 and 85%.

ETA ePE-K 100 TO 130 Kw Brochure

ETA PC 20 to 105 biomass boiler, pellet fuel
PC 20 to 105 biomass boiler, pellet fuel

PC Biomass Pellet Boilers

The ETA PC pellet boiler ranges in size from 20 kW right up to 105 kW in three build sizes. For smaller outputs its little brother, the PU, can output between 7 and 15 kW. All ETA boilers can cascade together like for like or mixed.

This commercial biomass boiler’s main benefit is it doesn’t require any cleaning within the combustion chamber outside of its annual engineer’s service. All you have to do is order fuel and empty the ash can perhaps four or five times a year.

ETA PC 20 to 105 kW Brochure
ETA PU 7 to 15 kW Brochure

Biomass Cabins

Hotel Biomass Boiler Somerset

Commercial Biomass design and build our own bespoke biomass boiler containers to suit both domestic and commercial applications. Haven’t got the room for the boiler inside? No problem – we have the solution for you. The cabins can be clad in a variety of materials to suit any setting.

The containers can be fitted out with commercial biomass boilers, commercial gas boilers, commercial oil boilers, commercial heat pumps, CHP and ORC, if required.