Heizomat Biomass Boilers


With over 40 years of industry expertise, Heizomat has become a trusted name in the field. Since their establishment in 1962, they have successfully designed, manufactured, and installed numerous boiler and fuel-handling systems worldwide. Heizomat’s extensive experience and commitment to excellence ensure that their products are of the highest quality. In fact, some of their boilers, installed three decades ago, are still operating efficiently today

RHK-AK Boiler

Craftsmanship and quality are at the core of Heizomat’s philosophy. Their boilers and fuel handling equipment are meticulously built to deliver exceptional performance. Featuring a single-steel body construction, our boilers eliminate the need for on-site welding. This robust and reliable design has earned them the nickname “Farmer’s Boiler” in the UK.

At Commercial Biomass, we understand the importance of user-friendly solutions. Heizomat boilers are equipped with automated combustion features. They can ignite, feed, and clean themselves effortlessly, while also notifying you promptly in case of any issues.

When it comes to energy efficiency, Heizomat leads the way. Their boilers have low electrical running costs, accounting for approximately 1% of the thermal output. This is achieved through carefully selected state-of-the-art motors, larger diameter fuel channels, and technically engineered optimized auger shapes. Their recently introduced EC blowers offer even greater efficiency, consuming less power and operating quietly.

Heizomat Range

The Heizomat HSK-RA is the all-rounder in wood chip boilers. With complete cladding, it offers high effectiveness, robust processing, excellent emission values, and effortless operation. Ideal for carpentry shops, agriculture, and private households, the HSK-RA delivers impressive performance up to 200kW and features fully automatic ash removal.

The RHK-AK boiler series has been specially developed to use low-grade B1 wood chips, pellets and industrial waste such as waste wood from disposable pallets. Thanks to the heart-shaped incinerator, the RHK-AK achieves the lowest emission values with optimal efficiency. Thanks to the patented deashing chain and the horizontal heat exchangers, which are fully automatically cleaned, the RHK-AK series is used in industry, agriculture, the hotel industry and local heating.

HSK-RA Range


HSK-RA 200kW
RHK-AK 1000


  • Heating capacity ranging from 0 to 33 kW per boiler
  • Proven ash scraper for efficient combustion chamber cleaning
  • Automatic chimney cleaning for hassle-free maintenance
  • External insulation with a thickness of 60 mm for enhanced efficiency
  • Powerful glow plug ignition for quick and reliable startup
  • Industrial control options: HeizoControl ET 200 or ET 100
  • 4-chamber rotary valve for efficient fuel distribution
  • Optional electrostatic filter for advanced filtration (if desired)
  • Ash container available in 40 l, 240 l, or 900 l sizes for easy ash disposal

HSK-RA 200

  • heating capacity 0 – 200 kW (per boiler)
  • Cleaning the combustion chamber using a proven ash scraper
  • Automatic cleaning of the chimneys
  • Flexible construction options
  • Optimal combustion through fuel regulation using an ultrasonic sensor
  • Robust 6 mm combustion chamber
  • Fully fired combustion chamber
  • Solid cast iron grate
  • External insulation 60 mm thick
  • Powerful glow plug ignition
  • Industrial control HeizoControl ET 200 or ET 100


  • Heating output 0 – 33kW (per boiler)
  • Patented deashing chain for flexible fuel use
  • Automatic cleaning of the heat exchangers
  • Flexible design options
  • Optimum combustion thanks to fuel regulation using ultrasonic sensor
  • Robust 8 mm incinerator
  • Heart-shaped incinerator made of highly fire-resistant refractory concrete moulded parts
  • External insulation 80mm thick
  • Powerful glow-bar ignition

RHK-AK 1000

  • Heating output 0 – 990kW (per boiler)
  • Patented deashing chain for flexible fuel use
  • Automatic cleaning of the heat exchangers
  • Flexible design options
  • Optimum combustion thanks to fuel regulation using ultrasonic sensor
  • Robust 8 mm incinerator
  • External insulation 80mm thick
  • HeizoControl ET 200 or ET 100 industrial controller
  • 4-chamber rotary valve
  • Multi-cyclone flue gas dust extraction
  • Particle filter (optional)
  • Ash container 40 l, 240 l, 400 l or 900 l