Biomass Boiler Special Offers

We will list our current biomass boiler special offers here. These are mostly ex display or old models being sold off cheaply. Full descriptions are given with each boiler. Most will have some manufacturer’s warranty left on them. We are getting more and more second hand biomass boilers with long RHI tariffs offered for sale, so please ask if you’re looking for one, as we don’t advertise them all on the website, because we have a list of interested parties that we contact when a suitable boiler becomes available.

  • 2 x 50kW Termofarc pellet boilers on 10p RHI tariff with approx 12 years left to run. The boilers themselves are not usable as they are, but with the 10p tariff paying over £13,000 Tier 1 per year it’s feasible to replace the Termofarcs with a single 100kW ETA with a 5 year warranty and have it pay for itself in around three to four years. Price to buy the tariff: £15,000 (SOLD)
  • 2 x 150kW Termofarc pellet boilers on medium biomass tariff of 5.7p paying over £22,000 per year Tier 1. Accredited to January 2037. Same applies as above — they’re not very good boilers, though these are in working order, however it’s more feasible to replace the two Termofarcs with a single better boiler, such as an ETA Hack 350 commercial boiler or a Hargassner Magno 300 industrial boiler, which would pay for themselves in around five years. Price to buy the tariff: £22,000 (SOLD)
  • Vigas 40kW log boiler. Used for approximately four years. In second hand condition, would suit a workshop or large outbuilding. Scratches and dings in the casing, but complete and functioning. Not eligible to be installed for domestic or non domestic RHI, due to it coming from an accredited system after being replaced. Special offer price: £1,000 + VAT + delivery (usually approx £350 + VAT)
  • ETA Hack200 chip fired boiler 10p RHI tariff, 13 years left to run. Price: £70,000 + VAT + delivery (usually approx £1500 + VAT) (SOLD)
  • 2 x 60kW Windhager Biowin XL 10p RHI tariff, 12 years left to run. (SOLD)
  • 4 x ETA Hack200 boilers, 10p RHI Tariff, 10 years left to run. POA (Probably around £75,000 each plus VAT and transportation)
  • 2 x 350kW ETA Hack boilers with 6p RHI tariff, ten years left to run. POA
  • 100kW Central boiler with wood fuel drying tariff, only 3p Tier 1, but 3060 full load hours and fifteen years left to run at £8,500 per year. POA (Very cheap £10k or under)
  • Grant Spira 36kw & 26kw Condensing Biomass Boiler (can be replaced with a single 60kW larger or smaller), large hopper (images available) Accompanying non-domestic RHI Scheme accredited Jan 2015. POA 
  • Viessmann KÖB Pyromat ECO151 – 170kW Log Boiler RHI Accredited – First Commissioned 29 Sept 2014. Full details available including video. Price to buy the boiler and the tariff: £35,000 ONO (SOLD)
  • ETA SH60KW log boiler with 8.9p RHI (11 years remaining). Price £15,000 ONO
  • 56kW (tariff only) Warmflow Biomass (bad boilers) that need replacing with a new one, priced around £10,000 or just over 1 year’s worth of RHI tier 1, still ten years left to run on 11p tariff. You do the maths — you could £50k on the project and still be in profit. I can’t believe how slow these are to sell. It’s a no brainer.

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