Case Study – Cotswold Estate

Here we are moving another commercial biomass boiler into place on a UK broiler farm in the Cotswolds. These Eta Hack 200 biomass boilers weigh in excess of two tonnes, so it’s a tad more than a man on each corner can cope with. Three walls of the prefabricated boilerhouse […]

Commercial Biomass Boiler Installation

biomass skids for wood uk chip boiler
Shame to cover up the pipework with insulation, but it has to be done. These two are off to the Cotswolds to be fitted at the end of this week. Then the workshop will be geared-up for four more that will be going to a broiler grower near Axbridge. Meanwhile […]

Pair of skids

Prefab skid for wood chip boiler on UK poultry farm
Orders are rolling in for our commercial wood chip biomass boilers. We have refined our system and production is in full swing. This plug and the one next to it are destined for a Cotswold broiler grower. We did all the pipework in the houses seven weeks ago, at last […]

Wood chip biomass boilers for poultry houses — assembly line ...

solar inverters
The photovoltaic tariff halves in August, so you haven’t got much time to get it sorted. The price of panels has better than halved in the past twelve months, which might make them more attractive and affordable than prices you may have been quoted in the past. We offer the […]

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