The poultry industry’s steady changeover to running on biomass boilers

Big Dutchman 40H heaters in place

More and more poultry houses are changing over to running on biomass boilers as the year rolls on. Several growers I have spoken to lately are saying the big buyers of poultry, such as Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, etc., are likely to make biomass heating a requirement in the future, just like some insist on their growers fitting windows in the sheds, or having perches for the chicken. When you consider the emphasis being placed on sustainability, carbon emissions and animal welfare, I can understand why growers are thinking that way.

Another worry they have is the price squeeze that might happen when half the growers are running on biomass, saving money on fuel, gaining on the RHI, producing bigger chicken with better conversion ratios, and the other half are struggling to hold their place on the list with their old heating systems running on fossil fuels. Nobody wants to get left behind.

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