Rehau district heating main goes in
The District heating mains went in at Rock Farm yesterday. It was a good job it rained so hard, as it helped keep the mud from sticking to the waterproofs. I’m sure the guys agree.

District heating mains (mud, glorious mud)

Good news — there is to be no 5% reduction in RHI tariff in January. Apparently the  government have decided it will be a bad move to reduce the tariff while they are still trying to sort out their mistakes on the emissions legislation. So we all have a reprieve […]

No RHI reduction in January 2014

Had a phonecall yesterday from a prospective client in Lincolnshire, who was worried about biomass tariff degression, which begins on 1st January 2014. He decided to delay his decision on installing biomass until the new tariff is announced. We already know it will be anything up to 5%, as it […]

Biomass Boiler Degression (reduction in payments)

This is the view inside one of our new ETA Hack 200 biomass boiler containers. This is one of three destined for The Homme — EC Drummond’s home farm at Ross On Wye. The containers are built at our new factory unit at Shepton Mallet. We assemble the containers, fit […]

ETA Biomass Containers Craned Onto Site

Big Dutchman 40H heaters in place
More and more poultry houses are changing over to running on biomass boilers as the year rolls on. Several growers I have spoken to lately are saying the big buyers of poultry, such as Asda, Morrisons, Tesco, etc., are likely to make biomass heating a requirement in the future, just […]

The poultry industry’s steady changeover to running on biomass boilers

The Energy Crops Scheme (ECS) is part of the Rural Development Programme for England. It runs until the end of 2013, as does the RDP itself. The scheme provides a 50%  grant towards all eligible costs. Further reading and guidance can be found at http://www.naturalengland.org.uk/ourwork/farming/funding/ecs/ Under the current scheme, they […]

Energy Crops Scheme

All the cladding is now finished and the sheds are looking very smart. In the photo above you can see the extension we built onto the end of the poultry house to form a fuel store to the right and a boilerhouse to the left. In addition to this we […]

Final touches at Axbridge

We are refining and improving our procedures to optimise our productivity. These biomass pods are meeting us on site Monday morning — the majority of the boilerhouse work has already been done in the workshop, so our time under the broiler grower’s feet is kept to a bare minimum. He […]

On the move

Had a phonecall from one of several hotels that have shown interest in having pellet boilers fitted to replace their old oil fired boilers. They had all their heating oil stolen over the weekend. Over £3000 worth. Apparently the thieves are getting evermore crafty. It’s thought some follow the tanker […]

Fuel oil thefts on the increase

Some boiler manufacturers allow you to burn chicken litter as a fuel. ETA does not. It is corrosive and the moisture level can be very high, so it’s not something you want going through the machine if you can avoid it. Apart from the issues relating to boiler life it […]

Burning chicken litter