Fuel Security

Miscanthus bales

One of the questions we get asked the most is, “Yeah, but what’s the price of wood/pellets going to be in five years’ time?”

It’s a valid question and, even though initial trends suggest prices will remain stable, of course nobody knows for sure.

However, with these Eta 200 wood chip burning boilers you can be self sufficient in fuel with a relatively small area of land growing miscanthus (elephant grass). The yield from 10.5 acres will run a 199 Kw boiler for 1314 hours, which equals tier 1 subsidy payments for a year. Once the rhizomes are planted it takes three years to get fully established and yields remain constant thereafter. It will need replanting after fifteen years.

The great thing about miscanthus is that it is cut in early spring, when all the balers are usually languishing in the tractor sheds and contractors are more than happy to have some extra work coming in.