We get quite a few enquiries from customers about the latest government grant, so I thought I would put together a bit of a guide, and here it is: Guide to the Boiler Upgrade Scheme The Boiler Upgrade Scheme, or BUS for short, is a voucher grant scheme run by […]

Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS)

I was Tik-Toking, as you do. I really shouldn’t be, because I’m ancient, mid fifties, if you must know, but I saw this guy talking about AI. It sounded interesting and to be completely honest, a bit worrying. You can effectively get this AI to do your homework for you. […]

Biomass vs heat pumps

Biomass boiler servicing special offer August 2019: It’s a great time of the year to get your biomass boiler serviced, and good for us at Commercial Biomass Ltd (a Somerset based company specialising in biomass), too. With the weather spookily warm out there for a British summer, not many people […]

Biomass boiler servicing special offer August 2019

On the day BoJo (sounding disturbingly close to ‘Bozo’) takes office as Prime Minister of the UK, it’s a fitting time to take stock and plan for the future. Theresa May, in a desperate bid to be remembered for something other than fumbling Brexit, recently committed the UK to being […]

Biomass into the next decade?

It’s been a little while since I posted any thoughts on the site, and this one has been building a while. As a company specialising in biomass, we’ve had a tough few years, as have many others in the industry. We are one of very few left trading from the […]

Biomass going off the rails?

ETA PC40 pellet boiler screen
Mr T, near Langport, Somerset, (not the gold chain wearing hard man from the A-Team) rang us in a bit of a quandary, because he and Mrs T had invested in a log-fired biomass boiler approximately four years before, but they had reached a point where it was getting to […]

Replacing biomass boilers already registered for RHI

Drag out the dinosaur
Ofgem have finally launched a scheme whereby you can get rid of a poor quality biomass boiler registered on the non-domestic RHI with a new, good quality biomass boiler and still keep the remainder of your original RHI tariff at the same rate as you had before. Starting from the […]

Biomass Boiler Scrappage Scheme

This biomass container is a 40ft single use high cube re-purposed shipping container. We clad it in pressure treated home grown Larch shiplap boarding, fixed in place with stainless steel annular ringshank nails, for a high quality, long lasting and reliable exterior finish that should last at least twenty years. […]

Biomass Boiler Containers from Commercial Biomass Ltd

One of our fitters was servicing an ETA Hack 200 we fitted approximately six years ago and, while standing outside making a phone call, felt like somebody was watching him. He shook off the shiver down his spine and went to go back into the boilerhouse, then stopped in his […]

Perhaps the strangest thing we have found in the fuel

These are ex display and used biomass boilers on special offer. Current as of 30th April 2018. 1 ETA PU7 pellet boiler, can be configured as 7, 11, or 15kW output. Silver in colour, minor scratches and dings. Fully functioning, less than a thousand running hours clocked. RHI compliant and able […]

Special offers on biomass boilers