Perhaps the strangest thing we have found in the fuel

What’s a bunny boiler?

One of our fitters was servicing an ETA Hack 200 we fitted approximately six years ago and, while standing outside making a phone call, felt like somebody was watching him. He shook off the shiver down his spine and went to go back into the boilerhouse, then stopped in his tracks when he saw this little baby rabbit staring out from the window in the fuel store.

Amazingly, it had survived being scooped-up by a telehandler bucket with a tonne of chip, and then dumped into the top of the store. It could well have had several more buckets full dropped onto it afterwards. It must have then dodged the sweep arm and certain death, followed by swifty cremation in the boiler, for a week or more, with no food or water. The fuel store was more than half empty.

Poor little bugger.