Biomass boiler servicing special offer August 2019

Biomass boiler servicing special offer August 2019:

It’s a great time of the year to get your biomass boiler serviced, and good for us at Commercial Biomass Ltd (a Somerset based company specialising in biomass), too. With the weather spookily warm out there for a British summer, not many people are thinking about installing a new boiler, so it’s quieter than usual on the installation front. Most people wait until it’s really cold and they desperately need heat before they think about getting the new boiler, or getting that funny noise fixed that’s been rattling and humming away for weeks — you know the one — the one that made you glad to turn the heating off back in the spring.

The offer

Well, from now until the end of August 2019, we will give you a genuine 10% off any service or repair we carry out on your biomass boiler when you mention the code: “There goes the profit on the job!”

A marketing consultant recommend that we advertise an even bigger discount, but put all our advertised prices up by that much just before the advert went out. We haven’t done that. I hate that sort of dishonesty when supermarkets and big retailers do it. “Up to 50% off!” they say, then in small writing, “On selected items.” As if the ‘Up to 50%’ get out clause wasn’t enough. If you scour the whole place and find the one thing with 50% off the price, it’s probably going in their skip right after the sale anyway.

I would far rather be straight with people and sleep well at night.

Book a visit

So if you would like to take us up on our biomass boiler servicing special offer August 2019 and get 10% off servicing and repairs, please ring the office and speak to Tom or Sandra on 01935 476927 or send us a mail at