More chips with that, Sir?

A short film showing Nigel Dunn at work. He chipped six month’s worth of fuel for Savage Cat Farm in the course of a day. By the time he left the barn was bulging.

This chipper is an amazing piece of kit. You put whole tree trunks in one end and G50 chips come out of the other at a rate of knots. If you’ve ever seen the film ‘Fargo’ it makes that chipper look like something out of a Christmas cracker. If Peter Stormare’s character had one of these things then he would never have been caught by the police while pushing down on the socked foot of Steve Buscemi’s stubborn leg.

I can’t imagine somebody who owns one of these machines would have any late payers on their accounts. You just wouldn’t risk it, would you?

All joking aside, it is quite expensive to hire this machinery and its operator, but the sheer quantity of chip they produce makes it worthwhile. He started the day with a near empty barn and a pile of timber fifteen feet tall and ninety feet long. By the end of it the barn was full, and the farm has enough fuel to last the winter and well into the spring of 2013.