Case Study – Savage Cat Farm

Installation of four 200KW ETA Hackgut boilers in broiler sheds at Savage Cat Farm, Gillingham

I managed to wrest these actual usage figures for wood chip from the owners at Savage Cat Farm, Gillingham, along with the RHI payments for the quarter received on 25th Feb 2013. These are four 300′ x 80′ Morespan sheds, roughly twelve years old, heated by four ETA Hack 200 […]

Actual biomass usage figures and returns for Savage Cat Farm, ...

A short film showing Nigel Dunn at work. He chipped six month’s worth of fuel for Savage Cat Farm in the course of a day. By the time he left the barn was bulging. This chipper is an amazing piece of kit. You put whole tree trunks in one end […]

More chips with that, Sir?

A short video showing dry litter in one of the biomass sheds around fourteen days into the last crop. The first of our steadycam videos directed by Speilberg and starring my feet. Don’t worry — it can only get better from here. We now have our own YouTube feed and […]

Dry Litter

Better poultry with biomass
Savage Cat Farm has two sheds heated with biomass, and two with the old oil-fired Priva heaters, so it makes an excellent testing facility for comparing one type of heating with another. On this crop the average weight in Sheds 1 & 2 was 2.34kg and the average in sheds […]

Better results with biomass

Rocks in the Wood Chip
  We are always banging on about the importance of putting decent fuel through your boiler, and the same applies for any type of boiler, be it oil-fired or biomass. Try and burn rocks in either type and you are likely to run into problems. I was called out to […]

Rocks in the Wood Chip

The heat meter went live on shed 3 on the 3rd March at Savage Cat Farm. The reading yesterday morning was 38 megawatts, which will be paid at the tier 1 RHI rate of £79 per megawatt, which equals just over £3,000 of subsidy accrued in just over two weeks. […]

Heat Meter On Shed Three

Wood chips loaded into fuel hopper
The first of the Eta Hack 199KW boilers is now up and running at Savage Cat Farm. A new crop of broiler chicks is going into the shed later this week. They will be the first to benefit from the fresh air and dry litter provided by the new system, […]

Commercial Biomass Partnership’s First Fill

Mountains of wood chip available from Commercial Biomass LLP
Edit: Please see our new generation of biomass containers here Commercial Biomass LLP offers a package deal for clients who want one point of contact for all the work. The containers are made in our workshop to a standardised design, and then craned into place on a concrete base. The […]

Prefabricated Building Goes Up

ETA Hack Woodchip Burning Boiler
  Concrete pad down, boiler lifted into place by forklift and final adjustment made with a crowbar to inch it into position. This two tonne lump of Austrian biomass engineering should be ready to provide heat for the next crop of broilers when the chicks arrive in late February.

ETA Boiler Arrives

Work starts at Savage Cat Farm
Commercial Biomass LLP has started work at Savage Cat Farm, Gillingham, Dorset. We are installing four Austrian made one hundred and ninety-five kilowatt wood chip boilers, which will mean a saving in energy bills for the farmer, and a handsome RHI payment when the scheme comes into force.

Work started at Savage Cat Farm