Order for another four Eta Hack 200 biomass boilers

We have just received another order for four Eta Hack 200 boilers from a broiler farm near Wells, Somerset, which will take us up to Christmas. Chances are that any others will have to wait until the new year. Reason being, the Eta factory in Austria is running at full capacity for the larger boilers, 130 and 200kw. Even with running night shifts their lead time is already stretching into mid December for orders placed today. We might just be able to cram one more project in.

Later this week we start another project of five Eta Hack 200 wood chip boilers at a farm near Martock. This grower was recently featured in Poultry World magazine because of the 800kw Heizomat boiler he had installed (not by us) on his other site. As far as I know, he is happy with the boiler and the installation, but the numbers don’t add up the same for running one big boiler instead of four smaller ones. In his case, we worked out the RHI will pay him just over a million pounds less in subsidy on his 800kw Heizomat over the twenty year term than he will get from four Hack 200 boilers. The initial installation cost is slightly more expensive, but it’s tiny in comparison to the difference in the RHI payments.

So it looks like I’m going to be busy right up until Christmas, what with piping-up poultry houses, fitting boilers and commissioning them, I can’t imagine having much time to play with in the interim.