Biomass design

Wood pellets
As unlikely as it may seem, wood pellets can be dangerous. The risks associated with them are well documented and worth investigating if you are thinking of getting a biomass boiler that runs on pellets. The most immediate danger comes from the risk of a dust explosion during delivery of […]

Pellets can be dangerous

We have just received another order for four Eta Hack 200 boilers from a broiler farm near Wells, Somerset, which will take us up to Christmas. Chances are that any others will have to wait until the new year. Reason being, the Eta factory in Austria is running at full […]

Order for another four Eta Hack 200 biomass boilers

Putting the fab back into prefab
We can do most of the boilerhouse work off site at our workshop near Sparkford. This ETA boiler biomass ‘plug’ will be assembled, tested, then loaded onto a lorry for transport to the farm, meaning the least amount of time for us on site, which in turn means the minimum […]

Modular system with ETA boilers

four broiler shed schematic
Four individual boilers, or one big boiler on a district heating system? This is another question we get asked a lot by potential clients. We have done our own research and priced both options, as well as looking at the level of convenience from the standpoint of both installation and […]

Design considerations