Biomass Boiler for Somerset Farmhouse

somerset biomass boiler


Shutter doors cover the filler pipes in the window opening when not in use

One Somerset family have discovered it’s not so bad owning an old farmhouse with single glazed sash windows when you’re heating with biomass.

The family were consuming around 1200 litres of heating oil a month, sometimes more during cold weather. They realised by switching to biomass, they could save money by using pellets rather than oil, plus they’ll receive an income of around£7k RHI per year.

Commercial Biomass Partnership installed a 70KW ETA PEK biomass boiler in the farmhouse. It heats the main house, swimming pool and two holiday lets. The boiler and buffer vessel was installed in a convenient outbuilding, and we fabricated a pellet store to one side with filling ports through an existing opening. These are covered by shutters when not in use.