Biomass Boiler Goes Live On Poultry Shed 4

Commercial Biomass Boiler Goes live on shed 4

Commercial Biomass Boiler goes live

Another Eta Wood Chip Boiler


The system is filled and pressure tested on Shed 4, ready for commissioning on Tuesday, so that the shed will be up to 32 degrees to accept the new batch of chicks on Thursday.

We are also running the pipework to the Draper units inside shed 2 this week. The Draper Ventilation guys will fit the heat exchanger cassettes to their units, and we will run the 200 metres of 2″ and 1.5″ steel pipe which will be fixed to the roof of the shed before the chicks arrive. This is the last job we will be doing with conventional screwed iron pipe, unless specifically requested by clients. We have negotiated a deal with Geberit so that we can offer a twenty year guarantee on all the pipework we install with their system. The pipe is lighter and more rigid than mild steel, and it’s galvanised to offer greater corrosion resistance.