Biomass Boilers

Biomass container in situ at Tiverton, UK
Biomass Boilers Go To Tiverton has the ring of an Enid Blyton Famous Five book, doesn’t it? Spiffing good air for the birds, lashings of savings for Mr Frankpitt and a jolly big cheque from the government every quarter! Sadly, no ginger beer, but you can’t have it all, can […]

Biomass Boilers Go To Tiverton

EC Drummond's Wood pile
Sourcing a good reliable fuel supply is top of the ‘must have’ list for anybody running a biomass boiler and, as time goes by and more people take-up the RHI, more and more fuel supply companies are springing up. My inbox is full of contacts from all over the country […]

Good reliable fuel supply for Biomass Boilers

Biomass boiler shed at Launcherley
  All four biomass boilers went on line at the poultry unit at Launcherley this week, just in time for the new crop. Mr Hoddinott is consistently at the top of the Faccenda list, so he obviously knows his chickens. He says he had never seen chicks spread so quickly and […]

Biomass Boilers at Launcherley

Pods ready to go in
We have just completed pipework in six poultry houses at Martock, Somerset. The grower already had Drapervent recircs in two of his houses, and Big Dutchman recirculation heat exchangers in three. The latter have now been fitted with Draper heat only coils, together with new recirculation units in one further […]

Martock grower gets biomass boilers

biomass skids for wood uk chip boiler
Shame to cover up the pipework with insulation, but it has to be done. These two are off to the Cotswolds to be fitted at the end of this week. Then the workshop will be geared-up for four more that will be going to a broiler grower near Axbridge. Meanwhile […]

Pair of skids

Remote control for your Eta Wood boiler
Where handling bulky wood chip is a problem, the pellet boiler is the perfect choice. We installed this Eta Pe-K in a disused stable block and located the pellet store in the neighbouring stall. The control touchscreen is very similar to the chip boilers. The main differences are the inclusion […]

Eta Pe-K Wood Pellet Boiler