Return to Martock — Somerset poultry grower comes back to us for phase 2

Heat meter reading shed 5

Somerset poultry grower, Charlie Richards, came to us two years ago for five ETA Hack 200 wood chip burning boilers and a 250 Kw solar installation and he has been so happy with the boilers, the solar and the service from Commercial Biomass Partnership that he built two new poultry houses just so he could have us back again to do two more 199 Kw boilers and another 250 Kw pv system. Personally, with 350,000 chickens on site at any one time, I think he’s just glad of the human company.

Two new biomass heated poultry houses

The two new biomass heated poultry houses in a sea of mud

The old boilers are still going strong. The only maintenance issues over the two years were a few dodgy sensors from a bad batch, which were changed under warranty, and we’ve had one Wilo back end protection pump play-up with a sticky speed control switch. This was also changed under the ETA warranty. That’s the great thing about buying the ETA package — anything and everything supplied with the boiler from ETA is covered by their no quibble warranty for three years (now five years) as standard. Many of the other manufacturers will boast a long warranty, but when you look into it not everything is covered. Some (like Woodpecker, for instance) offer a long warranty which means nothing when they go bust.

250 Kw solar pv system fitted and registered by our guys

250 Kw solar pv system fitted and registered by our guys

We fitted and registered the 250 Kw solar pv system using a clever spacing system that did away with the need to strengthen the roof. This is the old system — the new one is nearing completion and should be live in time to beat the FIT degression drop at the end of March.