ETA Biomass Demonstration Trailer
  If you fancy a day out and some light refreshments, come and see us on stand 23 at the Sherborne Castle Country Fair on 25th May 2015. We will have our ETA trailer with us and a working biomass boiler to show you, plus a few other items from […]

Sherborne Castle Country Fair, and the Bath and West Show

Another big degression. Ouch!   The hardest hit are the small biomass installations — those under 200 kW (cut by 15%) and the domestic market (cut by 20%). While the figures still look good for the largest boilers, the payback period is gradually lengthening and the smaller boilers are hardest […]

The latest degression figures for March 31st 2015

Great news — the latest degression announcement for small biomass (up to 200kw) says the rate is only going to drop 10%. The 150% trigger was not reached, so the anticipated 20% reduction came out at only 5%, but because the overall scheme exceeded its budget an extra 5% reduction […]

Degression Announcement for January 2015 lower than anticipated

Rate set to plummet
The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) rate is going to be reduced yet again for new applicants from midnight 30th September. The reduction has been confirmed at 10% this time. A further rate reduction will come into force on 1st January 2015, which will be at least 10%, but is more […]

RHI Reduction October 2014 and January 2015

Everybody has finally woken up to the returns you get with biomass heating and the rate of take-up has risen dramatically. The following is the content of an email sent out by Frank Aaskov, of REA (the Renewable Energy Association) and it was sent out to members of the Biomass […]

Bigger RHI cut likely in October 2014

Well, degression is here — the tariff for small biomass is being reduced by 5% on the first of July 2014. The DECC notice can be found here. Tier 1 will be reduced from 8.8p/Kwh to 8.4p/Kwh Tier 2 will be reduced from 2.3p/Kwh to 2.2p/Kwh Uptake of small biomass has […]

Degression — Tariff Change Notice published by DECC

Look down through the last few entries and you will see I’ve said it before, but this time there has been an announcement that the Commercial RHI will be cut at the end of June. I hoped it wouldn’t be, but we have had it good for a long time now […]

Looking like a June reduction in Commercial RHI

Cotswold farm biomass
This Cotswold farm had a standard seven day turn around planned. They could give us three days clear between washing down and re-bedding, so we had to be well organised to complete the job within the time slot.   This installation is going to be fed by two powerhouses that […]

Cotswold Estate Biomass Boilers