Biomass heating at Alvechurch, near Redditch, Birmingham

Massive heating bills a thing of the past for Adam Wood

Mr Wood from Alvechurch, near Birmingham, is now running on biomass!

ETA Hack 200 and Akvaterm buffer

ETA Hack 200 and Akvaterm buffer

Commercial Biomass installed an ETA Hack 200 Biomass boiler in one of the ancient house’s outbuildings.

Before switching to biomass, heating costs for the house alone were breathtakingly high. As with many of these big old houses, the level of insulation is practically zero, making them very expensive to heat with kerosene.

The biomass boiler now heats the main house, a storage and tack room, plus two local businesses, a drying floor and a bungalow, whose occupants pay for their own heating via a heat meter fitted at the entry point of the heat main.

The biomass boiler has reduced the heating costs by around 50%. Mr Wood chips his timber that he buys in, and the biomass boiler will generate in the region of £20,000 from RHI.

Commercial Biomass Ltd put in the biomass boiler and buffer, ran the district heating mains, and piped new heating circuits through the business premises to Sabiana heaters using Geberit Mappress pipe and fittings.

Since the boiler was installed at his home, Mr Wood has purchased another two Hack200 biomass boilers from us, fitted in our own bespoke heat pods. They are being used to heat a storage facility, two houses, an indoor pool and several industrial units in Redditch.