Biomass Boiler Degression (reduction in payments)

Had a phonecall yesterday from a prospective client in Lincolnshire, who was worried about biomass tariff degression, which begins on 1st January 2014. He decided to delay his decision on installing biomass until the new tariff is announced. We already know it will be anything up to 5%, as it states on the government website:

“e) Initial reductions to tariffs will be set low – at 5%. Strict rules govern future reduction levels meaning that these will not always occur.”


It’s a big mistake to put off ordering now, because further cuts will be bigger and there are only so many boilers we can fit in a quarter. The next rate cut after Jan 14 is at the end of March, and that will likely be bigger, despite what is written above, so whether you go with us or another installer it’s in your best interests to make your mind up quickly and set the ball rolling right now.

We already have orders for another twelve ETA Hack 200s in January, and the books are filling up for February.