Hargassner Nano PK 6-15kW

PK 6-15kW

Austria Quality & Design

This low-temperature boiler is especially suitable for the smallest output range and can also be used where space is at a premium, such as in houses without a cellar. The Nano-PK no longer requires a boiler room (depending on local building regulations).

The Nano-PK 6–15 pellet boiler is also available as a wood log-pellet combination.

  • Small, compact design (0.45 m²)
  • Low-temperatur boiler as of 40 °C (usable range 40 to 80 °C)
  • Air-independent operation as standard
  • Highest efficiency with lowest emissions
  • Heating without boiler room – depending on building regulations
  • Fully automatic operation – ignition, cleaning, de-ash etc.
  • Automatic ignition with 300 W
  • Possible to place onto 3 walls
  • Simple installation – maintenance openings at the front and top
  • Integrated hydraulic module
  • Fully refractory-lined combustion chamber
  • Lambda sensor with fuel-quality detection
  • Variable flue pipe connection (left, rear, top)
  • Automatic boiler cleaning system
  • Automatic ash level indication on display
  • Automatic sliding grate with ash compression system and level indicator
  • Suction system with integrated intermediate container
  • Fine dust filter (optional)
  • Prepared for extension with condensation heat exchanger (upgrade to Nano-PK Plus)
  • 5-year warranty
  • Energy efficiency class A+
PK 6-15kW