ETA SH Boilers

ETA SH Boilers

Log’s Are Well and Truly Back In!

ETA Log Boilers

Utilizing wood for heating, even without personal access to a forest, proves to be remarkably cost-effective. This practice is environmentally benign, contributes to the local economy, and remains resilient since wood is abundantly accessible within Europe.

Modern log boilers exhibit exceptional efficiency. Typically, fuel replenishment is necessary just once per day, and perhaps twice on exceptionally cold days. In contrast to pellet or woodchip boilers, standard log boilers do not operate in a fully automated manner.

Convenient Affordability: ETA offers an optimal solution for individuals seeking both the economical advantages of using highly affordable wood as a heating source and the convenience of seamless automation.

The ETA TWIN system comprises two complete boilers that complement each other seamlessly. The ETA SH log boiler can be equipped with an optional flange, facilitating a simple connection to a fully automated pellet burner, even years later, without necessitating modifications to the heating system or chimney linkage.

Intelligent Integration: The ETA TWIN boilers synergize perfectly. In the event of fuel depletion in the log boiler, it signals the user. If no fuel is added within a user-defined time span, the pellet boiler automatically assumes the heating duty until fuel is reintroduced to the log boiler. Consequently, your residence remains comfortably warm even during your absence for extended periods


Automatic Ignition Available

Automatic ignition is available as an optional extra, and can be retrofitted to the boiler at a later date, if required.

High Efficiency as Standard

The ETA SH log boiler features burning efficiencies of up to 95.4%, meaning fuel savings and fewer visits to empty the ash can.

SH and SH with Pellet

Technical Specfications SH Wood

ETA SH log

Technical Specfications SH Wood with ETA Twin Pellet