ETA PC Boilers

ETA PC Boilers

ETA PC – A Greene Way to Warmth

The ETA PelletsCompact is an ideal pellet boiler choice for both renovations and newly constructed large residential buildings and office spaces due to its compact size. Its space-saving design makes it a versatile option for various environments.

Versatile Installation: The ETA PC (applicable for 20-32 kW) offers flexible installation options. It can be operated without relying on room air, ensuring that the combustion process receives oxygen from the outside. This unique feature enables the placement of the boiler within heated buildings or spaces equipped with air conditioning. The appealing design of the ETA PelletsCompact even allows for visible installation.

Pellets – Moving On With The Times

Effortless Heating with Energy-Dense Pellets: Utilizing energy-rich pellets, which are compacted wood by-products, ensures automatic and highly convenient heating. This method minimizes manual intervention, with only occasional ash bin emptying required during the heating season. The pellet storage can be positioned up to 20 meters away from the boiler, requiring no more space than an oil tank room. Additionally, the ETA PelletsCompact serves as an excellent replacement option for boilers, leading to substantial reductions in operating costs and CO2 emissions.

Eco-Conscious Resource Utilization: In contrast to fossil fuel resources like oil and gas, pellets have a neutral impact on the climate since they are carbon neutral. The trees used for pellet production absorb the same amount of CO2 during growth as is released during their combustion. Furthermore, the combustion of pellets generates no more CO2 than the natural decomposition of wood waste.

When you're in the process of selecting a new heating boiler, you're essentially making a decision that will impact your daily life over the course of many years. This choice directly influences your comfort levels and the extent of maintenance-related concerns you'll have. This is where the concept of getting good quality at a reasonable price becomes truly valuable.

Cleaning – The Easy Way

Automated Cleaning The ETA PC takes care of its own cleaning through an automated process. What's noteworthy is that this self-cleaning doesn't just happen at specific intervals, but rather precisely when it's required. This feature ensures that emission levels remain low and that optimal efficiency is maintained throughout the heating season. The best part? You won't find yourself needing to open the combustion chamber and dealing with any mess. The combustion chamber is effectively cleared of ash, and deposits are regularly removed from the heat exchanger. The efficient burning of pellets results in less ash production. Additionally, the generated ash is neatly packed into the ash box, which only requires occasional emptying. This task is simple and quick to accomplish.


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