ETA eHack & Hack Wood Chip Boilers

ETA eHack

Wood – Old But Excellent


The ETA wood chip boiler goes beyond generating heat; it efficiently distributes it through the ETA System. Depend on this exemplary control hub for managing your heating and hot water setup.

The ETA wood chip boiler comes complete with a comprehensive control system designed for the entire heating infrastructure. Whether your aim is to integrate a solar heating system, a traditional hot water preparation setup, or a buffer storage tank paired with a fresh water module, and whether energy is transferred via radiators or underfloor/wall heating, you're in command via the boiler's touchscreen, as well as through your computer or smartphone. User-friendly visuals provide insights into the success of your solar heating system or the current buffer level.

Enhanced by a Buffer System: The ETA buffer storage tank serves as an ideal companion. Especially during the milder seasons of autumn and spring, and for summer hot water needs, the energy required is often less than what the heating boiler produces. The buffer accumulates this surplus heat and releases it as required. This practice conserves fuel and safeguards the boiler by minimizing the frequency of boiler startups.

The ETA stratified buffer is an excellent match for incorporating a solar heating system. During summer, hot water can be generated with negligible operating costs. However, in winter, solar collectors seldom reach the standard 60°C temperature commonly needed for hot water preparation. In this scenario, solar-heated water is channeled through underfloor or wall heating, typically operating at lower temperatures of 30 to 40°C.

ETA eHACK – Updated look with return riser set incorporated

This amazing manufacturer have updated their Hackgut (wood chip) Hack boiler range with the eHack’s modern styling. The makeover isn’t just skin deep, either — the boilers now include the return riser set. This used to be supplied separately as an optional extra (though necessary in all installations). The move won’t be popular with all installers, as some like to source their own at a lower price and specification. I’m guessing ETA decided to incorporate the return riser set into the boiler as standard to further improve the perceived reliability of their boiler.

Let’s face it, when ‘Joe Bloggs Plumbing’ source a poor quality valve and pump combination, which later fails, the customer blames the boiler. It also stops installers fitting the wrong size of return riser set. We recently came across a Hack 200 only outputting 130kW and found the reason to be that the installers had used the return riser set meant for the Hack 130. Still 2″ pipe and fittings, but the wrong pump and the wrong blending valve with the wrong actuator speed configured. I guess they were trying to save money.

The good news for customers is that the ETA eHack wood chip boiler is now guaranteed to have the correct return riser set every time, and it’s covered by the ETA five year parts warranty.

The good news for installers and customers is that it saves time on the installation.


Optional Electrostatic Precipitator – You can opt to stay ahead of emissions legislation with the optional electrostatic precipitator. The addition of an electrode in the flue ways energises the dust particles in the flue gas, causing them to fall out of suspension. This results in a reduction of dust particles in the flue emissions of between 80 an 85%.

Improved grate

Cast steel grate now rotates a full 360 degrees to rid the grate of foreign objects, such as stones and nails more easily

ETA eHack wood chip: High Efficiency as standard

eHack features and A+ energy rating with a burning efficiency of up to 94.6%

Technical Specifications – 20kW to 50kW

ETA eHack Spec

Technical Specifications – 60kW to 80kW

Specifications – 100kW to 130kW

eHACK Spec