BioWIN XL Pellet Boiler


Heat With Vision


Experience elevated performance with the BioWIN XL boiler, delivering impressive output with a focus on optimizing efficiency without compromising reliability. Drawing from an wealth of knowledge and years of expertise, the BioWIN XL boasts a design renowned for its durability. It consistently demonstrated its robustness in challenging installations, reflecting Windhager's hallmark dependability.

The BioWIN XL is laden with an array of groundbreaking features. This includes a stainless steel burner bowl featuring a sliding grate ash removal system. The fully automatic heat exchanger cleaning system ensures sustained boiler efficiency. The ash removal system effortlessly transfers ash to a spacious integrated ash bin that's easily detachable. The onboard software control perpetuates its modulating output and reliability.

A Plethora Of Features

A distinctive feature is Windhager's ingenious suction feed system, which guarantees the automatic periodic replenishment of the integrated pellet hopper from a bulk pellet store. Remarkably, this system functions effectively across distances of up to 25 meters, bridging the gap between the bulk hopper and the boiler.

By leveraging the comprehensive range of controls, the BioWIN XL seamlessly integrates with the Windhager MES Infinity control and distribution system. This integration empowers the BioWIN XL to become an integral part of any heating setup, enabling weather-compensated control for underfloor heating, radiators, and convector heaters. Should the need arise, a diverse selection of accumulator/buffer tanks can complement a BioWIN Excel installation.

The connectivity of the BioWIN XL with the Windhager MES Infinity web server introduces remote monitoring and control capabilities, allowing you to manage your boiler and associated heating system from afar.

Key Features of BioWIN XL:

  • Stainless steel, long-lasting burner bowl
  • Extended maintenance and cleaning intervals
  • Modulating output for optimal performance
  • Versatility for both domestic and commercial applications
  • Available in three different output levels
  • Kaskade system options for enhanced flexibility

Bulk pellet storage is possible with a range of vacuum systems to suit prefabricated silos and bespoke stores.

This boiler features the same great touch screen with remote access as the rest of the Windhager range. Controls options feature weather compensated outputs and blending sets, which deliver precisely the correct water temperature to your heating system to match the seasonal conditions outside.

BioWIN XL Cut Out