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Biomass boiler sales have, for the first time, triggered tariff regression. From this coming January the RHI rate will undergo a series of cuts until the subsidy ends in about two year’s time. The rate cut does not affect those people whose boilers are up and running, and registered, by […]

Biomass boiler bonanza

Biomass container in situ at Tiverton, UK
Biomass Boilers Go To Tiverton has the ring of an Enid Blyton Famous Five book, doesn’t it? Spiffing good air for the birds, lashings of savings for Mr Frankpitt and a jolly big cheque from the government every quarter! Sadly, no ginger beer, but you can’t have it all, can […]

Biomass Boilers Go To Tiverton

We are refining and improving our procedures to optimise our productivity. These biomass pods are meeting us on site Monday morning — the majority of the boilerhouse work has already been done in the workshop, so our time under the broiler grower’s feet is kept to a bare minimum. He […]

On the move

One of the questions we get asked the most is, “Yeah, but what’s the price of wood/pellets going to be in five years’ time?” It’s a valid question and, even though initial trends suggest prices will remain stable, of course nobody knows for sure. However, with these Eta 200 wood […]

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