Commercial Biomass

A short film showing Nigel Dunn at work. He chipped six month’s worth of fuel for Savage Cat Farm in the course of a day. By the time he left the barn was bulging. This chipper is an amazing piece of kit. You put whole tree trunks in one end […]

More chips with that, Sir?

biomass skids for wood uk chip boiler
Shame to cover up the pipework with insulation, but it has to be done. These two are off to the Cotswolds to be fitted at the end of this week. Then the workshop will be geared-up for four more that will be going to a broiler grower near Axbridge. Meanwhile […]

Pair of skids

Remote control for your Eta Wood boiler
Where handling bulky wood chip is a problem, the pellet boiler is the perfect choice. We installed this Eta Pe-K in a disused stable block and located the pellet store in the neighbouring stall. The control touchscreen is very similar to the chip boilers. The main differences are the inclusion […]

Eta Pe-K Wood Pellet Boiler

Perhaps unbelievably, the government has raised the RHI from 1st April 2012, so it’s even more of a no-brainer for businesses that use a lot of heat to switch over to using biomass boilers. The rate has gone from £79/Mw to £83/Mw. Our order book is beginning to fill up, now, […]

RHI Raised