commercial biomass boiler

  Even with the gradual drop in RHI tariffs and low fossil fuel prices we are still seeing fantastic returns on commercial biomass boilers, especially in the medium band, from 200 Kilowatts up to a Megawatt. The small tariff, up to 199 Kilowatt, is also showing good returns, still. Too […]

Commercial Biomass Boilers still a great return on investment

Axbridge poultry farm biomass boiler
Commercial Biomass Partnership spent a long weekend installing the pipework to these Drapervent units. All four sheds were plumbed in four days over this turnaround. We could have managed it in three days if the scissor lift platforms had worked as intended and Pipeline Center Bristol had actually delivered the […]

Commercial Biomass for the complete package

Biomass boiler agitator assembly
Here we are moving another commercial biomass boiler into place on a UK broiler farm in the Cotswolds. These Eta Hack 200 biomass boilers weigh in excess of two tonnes, so it’s a tad more than a man on each corner can cope with. Three walls of the prefabricated boilerhouse […]

Commercial Biomass Boiler Installation