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ETA PU Boiler

Discover the ETA PelletsUnit – an optimal pellet boiler solution designed for both newly built and it renovates single-family homes and apartment buildings. All the components of a comprehensive heating system are efficiently encapsulated within this compact boiler. Incorporating high-efficiency pumps and safety features, the PelletsUnit minimizes space requirements and installation expenses. Its compact size is coupled with remarkable flexibility, as it seamlessly accommodates the integration of a second heating circuit.

Versatile Placement Options The ETA PU engineers itself for installation flexibility. It's capable of operating with external air, allowing combustion to draw oxygen from the outside. This feature enables the boiler's placement within heat structures or rooms equipped with air conditioning. In fact, the ETA PU is so elegantly designed that it can be showcased wherever visibility is desired.

Savings, Sustainability, and Local Impact Embark on a journey of cost savings, local economic empowerment, and environmental stewardship with pellet heating. Embracing pellets as a heating source is a prudent choice, as wood resources are continually replenished, rendering dramatic price increases unlikely. Austria alone sees an annual growth of approximately 7 million cubic meters of additional wood. This upward trend is mirrored throughout Europe, with expanding forested areas contributing to a sustainable supply chain.


The ETA PU7 to PU15 PelletsUnit is the ideal pellet boiler for renovations or new builds of single family homes and apartment buildings. An entire heating control system is within the compact boiler.

A highly efficient pump, safety devices, return riser and motor valves are already integrated into the boiler at the factory. This reduces the space it needs to install the boiler and the assembly costs. The PelletsUnit is not just small, but also flexible: the boiler can control a buffer, hot water cylinder and two heating circuits as standard, with built-in weather compensation, so your heating system runs at the temperature necessary to maintain comfort in the rooms throughout the house, whatever the weather outside.

Can be set-up anywhere

The ETA PU7 to PU15 PelletsUnit is functional with external air, i.e. the combustion air can be piped directly to the boiler from outside. This means that the boiler can situate in heated buildings without creating unwanted draughts, or in rooms with extract ventilation.


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