Six ETA Hack 200 biomass containers headed for EB Whittal-Williams & Partners at Bream

Workshop chock full

Workshop chock full

Six ETA Hack 200 containerised biomass boiler systems are on their way to EB Whittal-Williams & Partners in Bream, Gloucestershire over the next two weeks. Our workshop is chock full of men and materials getting everything ready to go.

These containers are going to sit two abreast, sharing a 10m x 12m portal frame chip store, which will hold just over 100 tonnes of chip at a time. This arrangement will work very well on this site, which is set on terraces down a hillside.

Having a large central store wasn’t practical, as it would have meant a lot of wasted time loading out each of the smaller stores from the main store, up and down the hill. With this arrangement lorry loads can be tipped in the entrance to the ship store and pushed in with a loader, making it a quick and easy job.

The alternative would have been a centralised 1MW boiler with extensive (and expensive) district heating pipework. The added downside of a 1MW system is that all the RHI payments would have been paid at Tier 2. With six 199KW boilers instead, the payments will be mostly at Tier 1, making a difference in the farm’s favour of in excess of £1.2 million over the term of the RHI.