Tariff Degression

Tariff Degression

RHI Biomass tariff degression

The RHI Scheme has ended and has been replaced by the BUS Grant for the installation of new Air Source and Ground Source Heat Pumps and Biomass Boilers. 

What is it, and how does it affect you?

The Renewable Heat Incentive is a government backed scheme. It seeks to turn us all away from using fossil fuels for our energy needs. To keep the scheme on budget they implemented a mechanism called degression. Whereby when quarterly expenditure figures are reached, this triggers a reduction in tariff. 

It’s a less than perfect mechanism, because each tariff reduction fuels a sudden uptake, which then produces another set of figures that trigger a further reduction in tariff, sending the whole mechanism into a downward spiral. Rather than have a nice steady uptake, we have been seeing these lurches in demand in the small biomass category and sudden rushes to deadlines in order to beat the next drop. This is likely to be repeated in the domestic market and the non-domestic medium category.

So how does it affect you? The lowering of the tariff means if you are borrowing money to fund the installation the sums don’t add up as well as before. As the tariff reduces the payback period lengthens. Even so, it is still an attractive investment, especially while the government is allowing businesses 100% AIA

You can find further reading on the Domestic RHI degression mechanism here

You can find further reading on the Non-Domestic RHI degression mechanism here

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