Windhager BioWIN XL

Biowin xl front
Windhager BioWIN XL pellet boiler


For the larger house or commercial premises. This versatile boiler can be cascaded up to 240kW output with a minimum output of just 10kW.

A limited five year warranty, which even covers the stainless steel burner and ignition element, gives the end user peace of mind.

The boiler features a self cleaning burner bowl and ash storage that only needs emptying between once and three times a year. Heating surfaces are cleaned automatically.

Efficiency of all systems in full and partial load operation more than 93,1%.  

Suitable for the combustion of pellets  and  industrial  pellets Ö-Norm 2          M7135 / DIN plus / EN 14961-2/ ENplus A1.

Bulk pellet storage is possible with a range of vacuum systems to suit prefabricated silos and bespoke stores.

This boiler features the same great touch screen with remote access as the rest of the Windhager range. Controls options feature weather compensated outputs and blending sets, which deliver precisely the correct water temperature to your heating system to match the seasonal conditions outside.

The result of these innovations is optimal comfort with absolute control and lower heating costs.