Windhager BioWIN2


This high-performance boiler is available with condensing technology for even higher efficiency than the standard model. The day hopper can hold up to 200kG of pellets to give you a long run time between fills. Available with ash compacting compartment capable of storing several months’ worth of ash. Boiler internal flue ways are cleaned by the action of automatic turbulators.

Efficiency of all systems in full and partial load operation more than 93,1%.  

Suitable for the combustion of pellets  and  industrial  pellets Ö-Norm 2          M7135 / DIN plus / EN 14961-2/ ENplus A1.


Previously it was only possible to regulate the heating circuits with your room stat and clunky old central heating programmer. Now it’s possible to control it with the Windhager touch control panel. You can regulate the heating times, room temperatures and all important parameters quickly and easily. No fumbling around in awkward spaces trying to work out how to change the time on your programmer when the clocks go back and forward. Instead you can bring up your intuitive controls on your smart phone or computer and change your settings from the comfort of your armchair.

The result of these innovations is optimal comfort with absolute control and lower heating costs through weather compensated control and the use of optimal water temperatures.