Klover Smart 80 and Smart 120

Klover Smart 120 in situ
Klover Smart 120 stainless model

Get Domestic RHI payments from your cooker

Fed up with buying oil for your stinky old AGA or Rayburn? Replace it with the Klover Smart 120 pellet boiler and cooker . The Smart contains a 17.5 kW (rising to 19.5 kW with hob covers) wood pellet boiler, which is MCS certified and eligible to receive domestic biomass Renewable Heat Incentive payments for seven years.

Smart 120 Stainless
Smart 120 Stainless

Choose between traditional and contemporary styling

Available in modern Stainless Steel or traditional enamelled finishes, with a choice of seven colours, these cookers look at home in any setting.

Traditional enamelled finish Smart 120 with hob covers
Traditional enamelled finish Smart 120 with hob covers

High efficiency

At 90.4% efficiency, the Smart gives you fuel economy and produces very little ash — less than 0.1% of the pellet volume that is burnt.


With a built-in fuel hopper to the side of the hob that can hold several day’s worth of pellets, the Smart needs very little attention, and lets you know if it’s running low on fuel.

Flue options and direct air

If you don’t want to see the flue pipe, you can opt for a rear exit flue, which leaves near the bottom of the appliance and can run horizontally for up to 500mm before rising. This allows the flue to pass through an external wall at low level before rising, or through a false internal wall before rising, so that no pipes are visible.

If you prefer the traditional enamelled pipe look, or want more stainless on show, choose the vertical flue option, where the flue exits top left of the stove top.

The boiler can also accept combustion air directly from outside, meaning the hermetically sealed brazier can burn efficiently, even when using a large extractor fan right above the hot plates. It can also be used to maintain the air tightness of modern passive house construction.

Not enough room?

If you haven’t enough room for a Smart 120, there is a Smart 80. It has only one hob instead of two, and no oven, but still the same heat output to water as the Smart 120. With a combination microwave/conventional oven on the worktop and one hob to boil a kettle on or cook a casserole, this is ideal for a small house or a holiday let, or even heating an office.