Klover Belvedere

The Klover Belvedere is an RHI compatible pellet stove with outputs to water of 13.9kW, 17.1kW and 21.2kW. It features dual centrifugal fans to warm the room it’s in with outputs of 4.5kW, 2.9kW and 4.1kW respectively. Simultaneous use of the air blower does not reduce output to water if the front side ventilation system option is purchased. Better than your average wood burner.

Belvedere 30

Its ceramic glass door is double glazed, keeping its surface temperature down, and the handle is designed to be cool to the touch. The Belvedere 28 is the best performing pellet stove heater in its class, with 94.8% combustion efficiency at full load and 95.5% at part load.

Transfer of heat to water is achieved with the ‘Sicuro’ top safety system, which allows it to be fitted to any heating system without the need for the system to be pressurised. This also has the effect of hydraulically separating the stove from the system water, protecting the stove from any pre existing issues that might exist.

The stove is available with an instantaneous domestic hot water module, which can supply hot water to a kitchen tap or a suitable shower.

Ceramic or enamelled steel finishes. Six colour options are available: