ETA SH log boiler and SH Twin

New Styling

ETA have brought their log boiler bang up to date with a styling makeover. Not much has changed under the jacket — it’s still the same reliable engineering that has made ETA biomass boilers market leaders in the UK for over seven years.

SH Twin Option

For people who perhaps have a bit of their own wood to burn, but like the convenience of switching over to burning wood pellets from time to time, there is the TWIN option. It’s basically a wood pellet boiler that bolts onto the side of the log boiler and has a fire tube that passes heat into the log boiler’s combustion chamber. The pellet burner can be added later as an optional extra. If you plan to do this later you need to order the correct log boiler in order to connect the pellet burner onto it later, as the fire tube is not a standard fitting on the basic log boiler.

Is a log boiler for me?

Many customers decide they want a log boiler because it’s the cheapest type of biomass boiler you can buy. That shouldn’t be your only criteria for choosing a boiler, though. A log boiler needs stoking (filling with logs) at least once a day in the winter, and it may need filling twice a day in very cold weather. This is quite a commitment to make if there is only one person in the household capable of doing the work.

We have fitted a fair few for tree surgeons, which makes perfect sense — they’re fit and active people with plentiful access to free fuel. However, we have also taken out a few log boilers and replaced them with pellet boilers. That’s where the ETA SH log boiler and SH Twin could be the answer for you. If you have access to a supply of logs and the ability to load them into the boiler, but you don’t want to be committed to logs as your only fuel choice, the twin pellet burner on the side of the log boiler can automatically take over after the last log is burnt.

Cut through diagram of the ETA SH Twin biomass boiler

Automatic Ignition Available

Automatic ignition is available as an optional extra, and can be retrofitted to the boiler at a later date, if required.

High Efficiency as Standard

The ETA SH log boiler features burning efficiencies of up to 95.4%, meaning fuel savings and fewer visits to empty the ash can.

EAT SH log boiler specifications
Pellet burner specifications for the Twin side of the log boiler
Dimensions for the ETA SH log boiler
Dimensions for the ETA SH log boiler and the SH Twin


Brochure for the ETA SH and SH Twin biomass boiler

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