ETA PU7 to 15 kW


The ETA PelletsUnit is the ideal pellet boiler for renovations or new builds of single family homes and apartment buildings. An entire heating control system is contained within the compact boiler.

A highly efficient pump, safety devices, return riser and motorised valves are already integrated into the boiler at the factory. This reduces the space needed to install the boiler and the assembly costs. The PelletsUnit is not just small, but also flexible: the boiler can control a buffer, hot water cylinder and two heating circuits as standard, with built-in weather compensation, so your heating system runs at the temperature necessary to maintain comfort in the rooms throughout the house, whatever the weather outside.

Can be set-up anywhere

The ETA PelletsUnit can be operated with external air, i.e. the combustion air can be piped directly to the boiler from outside. This means that the boiler can be situated in heated buildings without creating unwanted draughts, or in rooms with extract ventilation.

The way to heat

From the pellet bin to the combustion chamber and through to the pump,
the interplay of high-quality components makes all the difference.

  1. Aspirator
  2. Pellet bin
  3. Rotary valve as burn-back protection device
  4. Stainless steel combustion chamber
  5. Lambda probe
  6. Automatic ash removal into the ash box
  7. Expansion tank
  8. Safety devices
  9. Draught fan
  10. Mixer
  11. Pump
  12. Changeover valve
  13. Cleaning drive
  14. Air connection for operation with external air supply

Technical Specifications

PelletsUnitUnit7 kW11 kW15 kW
Rated capacitykW2.3 – 7.72.3 – 11.24.4 – 14.9
Energy efficiency class**
Efficiency at partial/full load*(installation outside of living area)%89.3 / 93.489.3 / 92.595.7 / 93.5
Combustion efficiency(installation within living area) partial / full load%97.5 / 97.097.5 / 96.597.4 / 95.4
Boiler dimensions, W x D x Hmm1,048 x 583 x 1,067
Water contentLitres27
Residual pump head at ?T=7 °C
Maximum 100 m (80 m better) underfloor heating pipe length per distributor outlet, for heating body speed-controlled depending on the flow temperature
mWS / m³/h2.8 / 0.91.9 / 1.3
2.0 / 1.8

Maximum distance to pellet storem20
Ash box volumeLitres12
Flue draught required at partial / full loadPa>1/>3
above 15 Pa a draught limiter is required
Electrical power consumption at partial / full load*W46 / 6146 / 6366 / 95
Maximum permissible operating pressurebar3
Temperature adjustment range°C30 – 85
Maximum permissible operating temperature°C95
Boiler class5 acc. to EN303-5:2012
Suitable fuelsPellets, ENplus A1, ISO 17225-2-A1
Electrical connection1x 230 V / 50 Hz / 13 A

*Data from test reports by BLT Wieselburg

**Energy labelling for packages (solid fuel boiler + temperature control)