Commercial Biomass for the complete package

Axbridge poultry farm biomass boiler

Draper Vent units

Draper Vent gets its biomass heating pipework

Commercial Biomass Partnership spent a long weekend installing the pipework to these Drapervent units. All four sheds were plumbed in four days over this turnaround. We could have managed it in three days if the scissor lift platforms had worked as intended and Pipeline Center Bristol had actually delivered the gear we ordered three weeks ago. We got male iron fittings instead of female ones, 22mm reducers instead of 28mm reducers, 42mm elbows instead of the 35mm elbows we ordered, etc., etc. Some of it never turned up at all. Despite the setbacks we pushed on, sourced what we needed elsewhere and got the job done on schedule. Some people use setbacks as an excuse to fail, but it’s far more satisfying to overcome the problems and push on against the odds. I think thats the mark of a good team.

One of the duff scissor lift platforms — the charger didn’t work, and neither did the engineer’s key to his depot

With us you get the whole package under one umbrella of management.

Here at Axbridge we are installing another four Eta Hack 199kw wood chip burning boilers. We have extended the existing poultry houses to incorporate boiler house and fuel store, as well as a catching tunnel. We also organised diverting drainage pipework, the re-siting of a rainwater culvert, the digging out of as bank and the building of a retaining wall to provide better access to house number one.

The first two boilers are scheduled to be up and running by mid September.

Extending poultry houses

We have extended the existing structure to form the boiler house and fuel store