Klover Inset Log Burners

Klover EXA GONE (That’s what it’s called — it hasn’t vanished)

Fireplace 2000 Front, 29.7kW to water, 5kW to the room. Water heating optional — you can choose a model with no boiler included.

Models available with 20, 25 and 29kW outputs. No Securico top system.

Klover TKR 35

The log burner with Italian styling. Super efficient, controllable, easy to light — The Termocamino brings the wood burner with backboiler into the 21st Century.

The fire produces heating water with minimal wood consumption. Thick refractory bricks in the hearth ensure a long and 83% efficient combustion of the wood. You can even cook on the grill.

It is equipped with the SICURO top system (zero water pressure within the boiler part), as well as the complete hydraulic kit, and so is ready to be connected to your heating system (non RHI compliant) with an output of up to 17kW to water and 11.5kW to the room

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