Gilles Industrial Boiler Range

The Gilles Range of Industrial Biomass Boilers

Commercial Biomass Ltd are Gilles trained and authorised dealers. The Gilles Industrial range of biomass boilers is the boiler of choice if your business requires long running hours, or if you require the boiler to run on poor quality fuel. Gilles boilers can run on sawdust, chip, pellet, miscanthus, reclaimed timber, such as chipped pallets, or arboricultural waste. Moisture content of up to 60% can be tolerated.

Gilles also produce a range of domestic and commercial sized boilers. The entire range features good old fashioned solid engineering, with 6mm thick steel water jackets, and good heavy refractory lining, double the weight of their nearest competitors, while still maintaining high efficiency, lambda probe controlled combustion chamber, and touch screen user control, accessible via internet.

The industrial boiler range currently starts at 180kW output and ranges up to 2.5mW. Higher outputs can be achieved by cascading several boilers together.

Gilles Industrial range of boilers — HPKI-K and HPKI-R may be run at 110C and coupled with an ORC unit to produce extremely cheap electricity without the punitive maintenance costs of biogas CHP units. All Gilles boilers are┬áRenewable Heat Incentive compatible, which means they are eligible for government funding.

Two Gilles HPKI-R boilers

Two Gilles Industrial HPKI-R boilers, 550kW and 240kW

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