Gilles HPK-RA15 to 160kW

Gilles biomass boiler, pellet, 15kW to 160kW
Gilles biomass boiler, pellet, 15kW to 160kW


This high-performance boiler is produced as  a stress-free welded construction from 6mm thick boiler plate steel. The heat insulated front door opens outwards to reveal an inner door that opens into the combustion chamber. In emergency situations logs can be loaded through this door in the event you run out of pellets. The cleaning of the boiler flue ways is performed automatically by the turbulators turning slowly inside the tubes.

Efficiency of all systems in full and partial load operation more than 93,1%.  

Suitable for the combustion of pellets  and  industrial  pellets Ö-Norm 2          M7135 / DIN plus / EN 14961-2/ ENplus A1.

Previously it was only possible to regulate the heating circuits with the room control unit. Now it’s possible to control it with the Gilles touch control panel. You can regulate the heating times, room temperatures and all important parameters easily with the Gilles touch control panel. In addition you are able to change your settings with your smart phone and tablet computer.

The result of these innovations is optimal comfort with absolute control and lower heating costs.