Top ten reasons against buying a biomass boiler

  1. You have a brand new high efficiency natural gas-fired boiler, heat pump, etc.
  2. You use very little heat
  3. You have little to no space for it (these things can be bulky)
  4. You can’t be bothered with cleaning the biomass boiler occasionally
  5. You have no use for an extra income from the RHI
  6. You are not concerned with fuel cost
  7. You are not concerned with fuel sustainability
  8. You have no interest in reducing your carbon emissions
  9. You have no money to invest
  10. You cannot or do not want to borrow the money needed to fund the installation

The smaller your fuel bills, the less attractive a speculative biomass boiler installation will look from an investment point of view. This is not to say it’s no longer viable, but there may be a better alternative for you, such as a high efficiency gas boiler, a ground, an open source, or an air source heat pump, for example. We can also help you with these technologies.