Domestic Biomass Boiler Range

ETA Heiztechnik

Commercial Biomass is a registered and certified installer of ETA biomass boilers. ETA are the UK’s bestselling commercial biomass boilers. They set the standard for safe and reliable fuel conveying systems, efficiency and innovation. These boilers can burn either wood pellets, chipped wood, logs, or even a type of elephant grass called miscanthus, while some can burn a combination of these fuels. All ETA boilers are Renewable Heat Incentive compatible, which means they are eligible for government funding. ETA wood burning boilers give outputs from 7kw to 500kw. A 7kw boiler would suit a small house and a 500kw boiler would provide enough heat for a large factory building. The boilers are ideal where heating needs to be economical, environmentally-friendly and automatic.

ETA PU 7 TO 15
ETA PC 20 to 105 biomass boiler, pellet fuel
ETA SH biomass boiler log
ETA eHack biomass boiler

Gilles Energie

Commercial Biomass is Gilles trained and authorised dealers of the Gilles range of biomass boilers. Gilles boilers can run on sawdust, chip, pellet, miscanthus, reclaimed timber, such as chipped pallets, or arboricultural waste. Moisture content of up to 60% can be tolerated. Gilles produce a range of domestic and commercial sized boilers. The entire range features good old fashioned solid engineering, with 6mm thick steel water jackets, and good heavy refractory lining, double the weight of their nearest competitors, while still maintaining high efficiency, lambda probe controlled combustion chamber, and touch screen user control, accessible via internet. All Gilles boilers are Renewable Heat Incentive compatible, which means they are eligible for government funding.

Gilles HPK-RA 12.5 to 19.9 kW
Gilles biomass boiler, pellet, 15kW to 160kW


Klover offers a practical and very stylish way to heat your home and claim Domestic RHI with its Belvedere Pellet Stove with water output. Also available is the Klover RHI compatible Smart Stove, which is ideal to replace an old AGA or Rayburn. Klover additionally offers a range of stylish inset fires and room heaters. These aren’t eligible to claim RHI, but are a great way to heat your home with wood pellets or logs, with wet and dry options available.

Klover Belvedere 20

Klover Pellet Stoves

Klover Smart Stoves

Klover Inset Fires


It sounds like a genie might appear… but it’s actually a cheap and pretty good for the money RHI compliant biomass boiler…

Award winning

They’re not. Unless it was an unofficial Ugliest Boiler on the Planet award, but hey — they’re cheap


Well, they claim 94% efficiency without needing a lambda probe, so it makes you wonder why all the premium makes insist on having one

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